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An obsession with nutrient-dense, traditionally prepared foods that promote health led Cat Swenson to create Great Ferments and this line of high quality, organic & locally-produced fermented foods. “When I found out that brine-fermented vegetables taste delicious AND have a greater diversity and quantity of probiotics than either pills OR commercially produced yogurts…I was sold. I promptly removed every ‘dead, nutrient-depleted, heat-treated, vinegar-pickled item’ from my kitchen and replaced them all with the more healthful, fermented versions! What a simple and tasty way to improve our digestive health. My goal is to create a fermented variety of every popular condiment.” Next up? Fermented sliced jalapenos with onions & carrots to add zing & nutrients to sandwiches & nachos! Cat’s husband John claims that she will ferment “anything that doesn’t move”… so stay tuned!
Cat Swenson, Fermenter-in-Chief